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James Franklin Ladd and Artnecia Mailler





James Franklin Ladd was born 1835 in Long Island, Jackson Co., Alabama, and died February 26, 1877.  He married Artnecia Mailler. 


Father: George Washington Terrill Ladd

Mother: Sally Holly

Grandfather: Amos Ladd

Grandmother: Anna Stone




Children of James Ladd and Artnecia Mailler are:

                           i.    Sarah Ladd.  She married Dave George.

                          ii.    Amanda Ladd.  She married George Ragsdale.

                         iii.    Anna Francis Ladd.

                         iv.    Emeline Ladd.

                          v.    George Washington Ladd, born 1872; died 1946.

                         vi.    James Franklin Ladd, Jr., born 1870.


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