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Virginia Ladd





Virginia Ladd was born 1846 in Tullahoma, Coffee Co., Tennessee, and died January 1883 in Eufaula, IT, Oklahoma.  She married William Pleasant Earles.  He was born February 12, 1849 in Tennessee, and died December 13, 1901 in Earlsboro, Pottawatomie Co., Oklahoma.



Father: Solomon Ladd

Mother: Feriba Hamba

Paternal Grandfather: Amos Ladd

Paternal Grandmother: Anna Stone



Children of Virginia Ladd and William Earles are:

                           i.    Dennis Jefferson Earles, born in Tennessee; died Abt. 1918.  He married Laura Jane Duncan 1889; born December 19, 1867.

                          ii.    Estelle Earles.  She married Henry Stidman(Stidham).

                         iii.    James Alexander Earles, born May 11, 1872 in Tennessee; died March 07, 1944.  He married (1) Molly Stidman(Stidham).  He married (2) Emma Montgomery; died 1901.  He married (3) Cora M Johnson; born October 15, 1885; died December 15, 1955.

                         iv.    Laura Earles.  She married Al Atcheson.

                          v.    Sarah Elizabeth Earles.  She married Robert Wesley Stone.

                         vi.    Flora Earles.  She married Dan Hawkins.

                        vii.    Susie Virginia Earles, born January 27, 1883 in Eufaula, IT, Oklahoma; died September 24, 1963 in Seminole, Seminole Co., Oklahoma.  She married Dave Hicks.


Information on Virginia Ladd family provided by Cindy Stots

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