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George Washington Terrill Ladd




GEORGE WASHINGTON TERRIL LADD was born March 08, 1808.  He married (1) SALLY HOLLY.  He married (2) LOUISA HEMBER.


Father: Amos Ladd, Jr.

Mother: Anna Stone

Grandfather: Solomon Stone

Grandmother: Elizabeth Ladd


        Children of George Ladd and Sally Holly are:

                     i.  BAYLESS LEE LADD, b. 1830, Long Island, Jackson Co., Alabama; m. VIRGINIA REED.

                     ii. JAMES FRANKLIN LADD, b. 1835, Long Island, Jackson Co., Alabama; d. February 26, 1877; m. ARTNECIA MAILLER.

                     iii.MANLEY LADD.

                     iv.FRANCIS LADD, m. ROBERTS.

                     v. BARBARA LADD, b. May 01, 1837; m. JAMES B DUNCAN.

                     vi.LUCINDA LADD, m. ALLEN GIBSON.

                     vii.AMOS LAFAYETTE LADD, b. 1839.

                     viii.GEORGE LADD, b. 1843.

                     ix.AMANDA LADD, b. November 10, 1853.


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